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1K Views. coloredpencil coloredsketch fanart pencil pencildrawing pencilsketch scp sketch sketchdrawing traditional scpfoundation scpcontainmentbreach. So I recently watched Garfield Gamboy’d on YouTube and it reminded me that this SCP existed, which instantly inspired me to draw SCP 096 is an anomaly also known as The Shy Guy. Description: SCP-096 is a humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.38 meters in height. Subject shows very little muscle mass, with preliminary analysis of body mass suggesting mild malnutrition. アイテム番号: SCP-3166 オブジェクトクラス: Euclid 特別収容プロトコル: 『ガーフィールド』メディアミックスは、可能な限り長く活発状態・成功状態を維持しなければなりません。あらゆる『ガーフィールド』メディア事業には、コミック業界や映画業界に存在する財団フロント企業を介した 119 votes, 15 comments.

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Extra information: I want it to be so that if people talk bad about the franchise that Scp-3166 targets that person and hunts them down, hurting them with the blunt weapon ( or melee weapon ) given to it, then doing rp with that person such as force feeding them lasagna. SCP-3167 Manifestation: SCP-3167 appears in the epilogue, in which Monk, believed to be dead by other members of Sigma Force following the events of the novel, broadcasts an SOS. The SOS is interrupted by Monk describing a figure "Unusually tall, with a big, white grin, and a vial of the Judas Strain 2 , ready for the kill." SCP-EX - These are SCPs which are no longer considered odd, paranormal, or extraordinary by current standards. They are written with this in mind. Log Of Anomalous Items - For those objects that are not quite an SCP but are still abnormal in some way. Feel free to add to it, but be aware that it is regularly pruned. The SCP Foundation Wiki Sigma-9 theme and style was designed by Aelanna, and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license ( CC-BY-SA ).

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Upon manifestation, SCP-3166 wandered around the offices in a confused and distressed manner, before indiscriminately assaulting any individuals present after security attempted to apprehend it. SCP-3166 впервые появилось 23.10.1989 в чикагском офисе компании United Media, которая в то время была издателем комиксов о Гарфилде.

Scp 3166

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Scp 3166

scp3160. scp316z. scp316y. scp316x. PO VIDHOLI DEHRADUN PIN- 248007 425 S C P MARGRIN MONEY NA DDUN PIN- 249155 3166 HEAD MASTER BASIC SCHOOL THARTI VILL THARTI  3170 Massachusetts 3166 encontraram 3166 Cambridge 3166 escreve 3166 Brodus 84 Braganças 84 SCP 84 Isham 84 Pintos 84 110.000 84 Eunápolis  0/1370 - SCP 0/1371 - SCP2 0/1372 - SCP Worldwide 0/1373 - SCR 0/1374 2/3166 - STS-30 2/3167 - STS-31 2/3168 - STS-32 2/3169 - STS-33 2/3170  SCP-3166 Gorefield (SCP Animation) SCP 582, also known as A Bundle of Stories, is an adaptive, self-propagating meme in the form of an entity most often​  Вы против SCP-3166 (ты даже не представляешь, насколько ты одинок, Гарфилд). Мир Инфографики - The Infographics Show Russian. Рет қаралды 150  SCP-294 The Coffee Machine (SCP Animation).

3166 kr. SAN. Rötsimpor. Myoxocephalus sp. SCU. Scup.
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Scp 3166

Description: SCP-3166 is a 2.1-meter-tall humanoid entity, presumed pataphysical in nature, known to manifest during periods when the Garfield media franchise is performing poorly in terms of public reception. Description: SCP-3166 is an entity resembling a guy in a Garfield costume that attacks anyone associated with the Garfield franchise and brand whenever the franchise is doing poorly. It is believed to have manifested after an anomalous Garfield comic was published. TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-3166 Animation.LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to TheRubber Channel Today!SCP 3166, also known as Gorefield, is SCP-3166 is a Euclid class anomaly also known as You Have No Idea How Alone You Are, Garfield or Gorefield.SCP 3166 is a 2.1-meter-tall humanoid entity, pres Zewnętrzna warstwa ciała SCP-3166 przypomina starannie wykonany kostium postaci Garfielda, który jak wykazały badania w terenie, składa się z prawdziwego kociego futra. Jednak analiza składu SCP-3166 w terenie wykazała, że jego masa wewnętrzna składa się w całości z makaronu: konkretnie lazani.

The bulb is ordinary, and can be replaced without impeding the function of SCP-316. Internal circuitry of SCP-316 is constructed … Media coverage of family deaths attributed to SCP-4666 is to be suppressed or falsified to make said deaths appear as non-anomalous home invasion murders.
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3168, RealAngut, 600. 9 maj 2018 — common/include/Group.class.php:3166 php-format msgid "Pick a file already uploaded (by SFTP or SCP) to the project's  scp Stockholm. 084582980. Box 7852. 103 99, STOCKHOLM Exstensive Music HB. 0406802150. Box 3166. 200 22, MALMÖ  bil Däck png 736x560px 113.27KB; Creepypasta Slenderman Ritning Jeff the Hjortteckning Skiss, hjorthorn, djur, hjorthorn png 2091x3166px 313.61KB  Vik de båda sidodelarna på sig och sy till sidorna.

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2020-12-22 Description: SCP-3167 refers to a pataphysical entity which manifests in narratives which share a single, common universe or protagonist, such as novel series, canons of short stories, or larger mythos works. 1 SCP-3167 appears to act independently of the intentions of other characters within the narrative, apparently seeking out a single character for the sole purpose of murdering them. ID: SCP-3166. age:around 17.

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